Why Yes, Business Owners Can Use the Android Phone!

Running a business? Here’s some good news; you’re definitely in good company. A lot of people are deciding to take life into their own hands and run their own business, but they don’t always realize how much work goes into staying organized. When you feel like you’re always on the go, you need an assistant that can keep up with you and grow as your business does.

You might think that that means that you will need to hire an assistant, which could be something that’s just out of your business’s budget at the moment. Here’s the next best thing: an Android phone? What’s that? You thought that only a BlackBerry could keep up with your business needs? You’re in for a good surprise: the Android can do just about everything the Blackberry can do…and more.

Let’s stop and look at the common BlackBerry phone, shall we? The BlackBerry line is proprietary — Research and Motion owns the platform, which means that they control the code. There is an applications market, but it’s filled with applications that are source code protected as well. There aren’t that many developers that are willing to reveal the code for their applications, which means that the community at large cannot fix them and make them better. This in turn means that you don’t get as much choice, and you certainly don’t get as much freedom.

Now, let’s swing to your common Android phone. For starters, the phones are designed to be customizable with software. You can sit down and write code for the platform, if you knew the principles of mobile application development. The applications available for the Android phone are designed to do jut about anything that you really want to do with them. What will you create on the platform? Well, that’s up to you.

From a business standpoint, the top thing that you need is a way to stay organized. Android has that for you. You can post notes to your phone, share them quickly with interested parties and connect socially to people that share the same passion for business that you do. Got a business network going on Facebook? You can peek in on the group with an Android phone. Want to listen to music as you get through your day? Android has you covered.

From tracking suppliers all the way up to tracking the amount of mileage on your company car, it’s clear that Android definitely is suitable for business owners. It’s actually cost effective as well, because you may be able to stretch the time you spend on the Android platform before you have to actually get another phone. For example, you aren’t going to have to upgrade your phone just to get more space. That’s what an SD card is for. You will also have access to the battery, which means that you can do many phone repairs yourself without violating your warranty. This is not something that you can necessarily say about the iPhone, for instance.

Not sure what Android phone to really get. Take your time and go through some Android phone reviews until you find a phone that matches not only your expectations, but your real time phone usage. It won’t take long before you find a few phones that you’ll just love!