Why Android Phones Are Superior to iPhones

It’s no secret that the Apple iPhone has been dominating the mobile market and, more specifically, the smart phone market since its release a few years ago. Cell phone companies far and wide have tried without success to develop a device that could actually compete with the advanced features and capabilities of the incredible iPhone. Having maintained the position of the most demanded and state of the art mobile device in the world for long enough, Google has developed a mobile platform for smart phones that gives the iPhone a real run for its money.

A newer version of the iPhone is due to be released some time in the near future, though it’s impossible to say whether it will exceed the Android phone or not. Even if it does, that is not to say that Google will not come up with something even better as the Android OS matures and improves. Until then, the comparisons made here are between the current iPhone models and the current Android phones.

First off, the Google Android platform is based on a Linux operating system, meaning that users have access to the majority of the internal configuration of the system. While users might not understand at first why this is so beneficial, Android application developers are automatically exposed to many, many more options and opportunities than iPhone developers. This will result in more web apps and features for users.

Also, Android phones feature the fastest hardware speeds in mobile technology, HTML browser support, an extensive application marketplace, advanced navigational abilities through Google Maps, and one of the highest quality built in cameras ever invented for cell phones. Multi touch screen technology is also no longer exclusive to the iPhone as Android phones now offer the same touch features, perhaps even better.

Finally, another great aspect of the Google Android platform is that it’s not exclusive to one type of cell phone such as the G1, which was the first Android model ever released and was made by Google. Those who are looking for a worthy alternative to the iPhone actually have several different types of Android phones to choose from. Different manufacturers such as HTC, LG, and Motorola integrate different kinds of features and functions in to their phones so every Android phone is actually unique in its own way and therefore serves a much wider range of needs and preferences than the iPhone.