Why Android Phones are Becoming Increasingly Popular with Business Owners

Traditionally speaking, if you were a business owner, you picked up a blackberry. It was the phone that represented just about everything there is about business, which meant that it was a status symbol as much as it was a basic phone. Thankfully, there are new options coming into the corporate cell phone market, and one of those options is definitely the Android lineup of phones.

There’s a solid reason why Android phones are becoming increasingly appealing to business owners. For starters, the open platform means that new features and applications can be created specifically for the business functions they want. For example, a small shipping company can get a custom Android app created for their phones and get all the functionality they need without having to wait for the long turnaround times that can sometimes plague phones from other handset platforms. The open nature means that the development cycle is potentially less, since other open source programs can be used as models for other applications.

Another point is that the technology on the Android platform is generally more cutting edge, since that’s where a lot of people are focusing their attention. The business case for getting the best technology has been proven over and over again. Contrary to popular belief, staying with current technology makes it easier to run a proper business, since you will not have to fight for legacy support on obsolete systems. This same concept is why Android phones are popular with business owners, since they are assured of a certain level of functionality from the beginning that will definitely be here to stay.

An open format also encourages handset independence, something that some business owners have complained about. For example, when you’re locked into Blackberry or iPhone, you’re stuck with the updating cycles that they want to give you, as well as whatever applications they want to provide for you to use. However, Android turns that paradigm on its head by providing a truly open platform for business owners to use multiple phones with without a lot of the same issues.

Thankfully there are plenty of Android phones out there for business owners to choose from. If you’re ready to jump on the Android revolution, there are numerous phones to select for your business needs. It will simply be a matter of getting the phone with the features that matter most to you — but why not get started today?