The LG Apex Offers Numerous Great Features that You Just Have To Check Out For Yourself!

Hunting for new Android phones used to be a big challenge but Android has gone pretty mainstream. We like to go back and cover some phones that you might have missed on the first pass. One of those phones we just had to mention would have to be the LG Apex.

Now, a lot of you super smartphone junkies aren’t going to be as pleased with the LG Apex as we might expect, and we know exactly why. It’s because as you read this you’re going to notice that the LG Apex doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles that you’re probably used to expecting from Android phones. However, it doesn’t come with the huge $300-$500 price tag either. Shelling out $200 for a phone isn’t always what you want to do, and everyone that has a budget has been looking for good Android phones as well.

So, what can you really expect when it comes to the LG Apex? Plenty!

This is a phone from US Cellular, and it’s going to be aimed at the budget crowd. That much we know. So let’s cover the rest of it, shall we?

You’re going to be dealing with a touch screen. Some people are fans of physical keyboards, but you might be surprised at just how functional these touchscreens have become. Don’t worry — if you really feel that you must have a physical keyboard, you’ll get one on this phone. The phone slides open to reveal the keyboard that was hidden away all this time. So if you really want to fire off a few text messages or even just update Facebook, you’ll be able to that quickly.

So, let’s talk about that screen some more. The screen is 3.2″, and has a resolution of 480×800. That’s going to give you a lot of screen space in order to see all things Web-enabled, if you catch our drift. Video, anyone?

The processor isn’t going to be as high as some that we’ve seen. If you’re used to getting a 1Ghz Hummingbird proc, you’re not going to find that here. It just is way outside the scope of this phone’s budget. You’ll find a 600Mhz processor, along with 256MB of RAM.

The other sticking point is that the operating system in question is Android 2.1 — most phones are far ahead of this, and if you’re a super app junkie you might feel a little trapped by having such an old version of the OS. Still, US Cellular will most likely be issuing an update so it’s not like you have to live with 2.1 forever.

There’s a 3MP camera with flash as well as auto focus. Again, if your friends all have phones that take video as well as high resolution pictures, you might feel a little left out. Still, there’s really plenty to be had with this phone as long as you’re looking for it. You’re still going to be able to shoot video, but it’s not going to be very high quality the way you might expect. Oh well, not every phone can do everything well.

A 4GB microSD card gives you the power to really store all of the pictures that come along with mobile living, which means that you could even do the whole “mobile weblog” thing that’s starting to catch on like wild fire these days. Or are we “late” to the party again? You decide.

Anyway, there’s 102MB of internal memory. It’s not going to be much, but your SD card should take you the rest of the way without too many problems.

GPS comes standard, which means that all apps that make GPS fun will take full advantage of it.

The phone is about 5.57oz, which isn’t too heavy for a phone but it is certainly bigger than some of the phones we’ve seen floating around.

So, at the end of the day, where would we really put the LG Apex? It’s certainly not going to be on par with the Samsung Fascinate or the HTC Incredible. Still, we think that for new cell phone users, it could be an incredible gift as far as first-time smartphones go. In addition, we think that you will have plenty of options if you pick up this phone and you’re on a budget. If you have money to splurge though, we think that it could be better spent elsewhere. That’s all, folks!