MoneySupermarket Car Insurance App now Available on Android

MoneySupermarket has recently added a well-made little application to the Android Market, allowing anyone with a Google-powered smartphone the chance to compare various car-insurance quotes when they are away from their PC.

The full desktop Money Supermarket site is not very easy to use when you are accessing it from an Android handset, which is why the fully optimised slickness of the application is a much-needed addition to any motorist’s app catalogue. The interface has been designed to fit neatly within the touchscreen display of any Android device and it is uncluttered while still providing you with all the information you need.

Most people will be familiar with the process of comparing car-insurance quotes online and the Android app operates in a largely similar way. This means it is necessary to enter all of the information which is relevant to both you and your vehicle in order for the comparison search engine to work its magic and find the best possible prices from mainstream insurers.

You will need to be connected to the network to compare quotes as they are sourced from the internet, but as long as you are in an area with 3G coverage or within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot you should have no trouble using the app.

Each quote lists the name of the insurer, the cost of the premium both monthly and annually, along with the inclusive features such as cover for windscreen damage or a courtesy-car option. You can get more detail on each quote from within the app and there is even the ability to call the insurer in question should you desire direct contact with a representative. Continue reading “MoneySupermarket Car Insurance App now Available on Android”