Create A Video Playlist With Fuugo Video

Hate manually searching for your favourite videos? Make a playlist and have instant access

Creating a playlist can save you the time and effort of manually searching for different videos – you can have instant access to your clips, and even play them on a loop. There are plenty of apps on Google Play to do this, but none offer the depth and sheer range of Fuugo Video.

The app has access to several major sites, collating content from Youtube and Break. Fuugo even has a built-in video player, meaning you won’t need to view them on an external app, but will perhaps need to download a codec supplied by Fuugo. After creating your playlist, you can share it on your Twitter account, and a tweet will be sent to all your followers notifying them when you add a new video, Your followers can then subscribe to your playlist and receive regular updates.

In this tutorial well show you the basics of creating a playlist within the Fuugo app. as well as the process of selecting videos, and where your playlist will be stored.


After downloading and installing the app from Google Play, open it up in your app drawer. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the home screen and layout of the app before you move on to viewing.


While on the home screen, press on the Settings tab located on the top of the page. This will now show you the various options you can alter. After making the changes you want to make, go back to the home screen.


Swipe to the right on your Android device until you come across a part of the screen named Favourite Playlists. This will be the place you go to for quick access to your favourite videos. For now, it will be empty.


On the home screen you’ll find a list of all the sites that Fuugo has access to (YouTube et al). Dress on any one of them and when you find a video you want to watch Press the favourites button to add it to the playlist. Continue reading “Create A Video Playlist With Fuugo Video”

Moving from the iPhone to the Android World in Style

If you’re looking to change away form your Apple iPhone, you really can’t go anywhere without reading about happy users on the Android phone platform. So if you’ve got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, you can go out and get an Android phone without too much hassle — when prepaid providers are rocking the Android platform, you already know that picking up a phone isn’t going to be a real big deal.

However, there are plenty of guides on that. You will also need to think about how to truly transition from your iLife to your Android life. When Android first came out, this was really a pain. However, the power of open source means that nothing is ever truly painful for very long. If you’ve got a shiny new Android phone in your hand and your old iPhone close by, let’s see what we can do about getting your phone rocking and rolling.

First and foremost, you will need to make sure that you have your contacts. Now, if you have iTunes, this is a snap. You just need to sync your contacts with Google, and then have them float over to your Android phone. This is something that’s actually not hard, and you can usually walk through the synchronization process without too much trouble.

Yet enjoying your Android phone is more than just contacts — there are other things that you will need to do as well.

One of the first things that you will need to do is make sure that you have your phone secured. This means setting a password and also installing apps that can control who has access to your phone. Continue reading “Moving from the iPhone to the Android World in Style”

The Rush of Ordering a New Android Phone Just Can’t Be Beat!

New to the Android platform? You’re not alone at all! A lot more people are coming to Android from BlackBerry or even iPhone, and that’s okay too. You’ll find a lot of features waiting for you on the Android platform, but what if you’re also coming into this after not owning a phone for a long time? This guide is designed to help you get up to speed quickly.

Believe it or not, not everyone in the world still has a cell phone. You might be coming into this as a new techie, and everyone loves newbies — at least, we do! There’s no crime in admitting that you don’t know something.

First and foremost, make sure that you have assigned up with a carrier that’s offering you a good deal. if you don’t have any outstanding balance with any company, you really need to make sure that you get a really good deal. You can literally go anywhere, and the handset carriers know it. A 2 year agreement is pretty much the standard, and you will need to make sure that if you’re going to sign one of those that you try to pay as little as possible.

If you sign up on the phone, they’re going to try to offer you a lot of different extras, like accessories at a discount. make sure that you turn away the accessories unless you’re really prepared to buy them over the phone. Sometimes you can find better deals online, especially if you’re not afraid of used technology.

You should be able to catch a deal to get the activation fee waived, which is always a good thing. If you can’t get it waived, you should at least have it put on your first bill. This is standard cell phone carrier practice, at least as far as know.

Speaking purely from the Android side of things now, you are going to love your phone! The nice part about Android is that it’s as easy or as technical as you want to make it. Yes, you can get technical and “root” your Android to get more control over it, but that’s not necessary. If you don’t want to mess with any of the bells and whistles inside of the phone, you can leave things alone as you see fit. Continue reading “The Rush of Ordering a New Android Phone Just Can’t Be Beat!”

Why Yes, Business Owners Can Use the Android Phone!

Running a business? Here’s some good news; you’re definitely in good company. A lot of people are deciding to take life into their own hands and run their own business, but they don’t always realize how much work goes into staying organized. When you feel like you’re always on the go, you need an assistant that can keep up with you and grow as your business does.

You might think that that means that you will need to hire an assistant, which could be something that’s just out of your business’s budget at the moment. Here’s the next best thing: an Android phone? What’s that? You thought that only a BlackBerry could keep up with your business needs? You’re in for a good surprise: the Android can do just about everything the Blackberry can do…and more.

Let’s stop and look at the common BlackBerry phone, shall we? The BlackBerry line is proprietary — Research and Motion owns the platform, which means that they control the code. There is an applications market, but it’s filled with applications that are source code protected as well. There aren’t that many developers that are willing to reveal the code for their applications, which means that the community at large cannot fix them and make them better. This in turn means that you don’t get as much choice, and you certainly don’t get as much freedom.

Now, let’s swing to your common Android phone. For starters, the phones are designed to be customizable with software. You can sit down and write code for the platform, if you knew the principles of mobile application development. The applications available for the Android phone are designed to do jut about anything that you really want to do with them. What will you create on the platform? Well, that’s up to you. Continue reading “Why Yes, Business Owners Can Use the Android Phone!”

A Closer Look at the Motorola Photon Q 4G

Android phones are definitely here to stay, and the average Android customer actually has a wealth of options to choose from. So we wanted to step back and cover the Motorola Photon Q 4G, a phone that came out just recently.

Before you purchase any smartphone, you should be looking up reviews. What someone finds amazing might not be your cup of tea, but how will you know if you never read anything? With the cost of smartphones on the rise, it pays to be as well informed as possible.

One thing that automatically jumped out at us with the Photon Q 4G was the QWERTY keyboard as a hardware default. Even though a lot of people are happy with touchscreens, there is something special about being able to type out long messages on your phone without having to hunt and peck around the screen. If you’re used to QWERTY, then this is definitely a good phone for you.

Performance isn’t going to be a problem either — you’re getting a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm S4 CPU (top of the line in terms of processors right now), along with a whole gig of RAM. The phone runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, so you have a leading Android line that will serve your needs well. This Qualcomm Snapdragon fourth generation CPU with Adreno 225 graphics makes this phone very zippy. How zippy? The Photon Q 4G LTE scored 5015 on Quadrant, putting it up there with the EVO 4G LTE and even the Samsung Galaxy S III.  There’s been some rumor that the Photon Q is going to get Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), but nothing has come of it yet.

Not only are you getting a full gig of RAM, but you get 8GB of internal storage along with that microSD slot.

This is not a phone that would be called thin even by the most apologetic Android fan. It’s a thick phone and it needs to be treated that way. The QWERTY form factor means that there needs to be some added weight. So if weight is an issue for you, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Motorola made sure to ship this phone with very few “extras” clogging up space on your phone, which is something that we can appreciate. The Photon Q has a decent battery that comes with it, running at 1785 mAh.

Motorola Photon Q 4G

There are a few goodies available as well, including NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a very nice 8MP camera. There’s also micro HDMI and micro USB ports. In theory, you could use the micro HDMI to connect video to another device, which is sort of cool. Continue reading “A Closer Look at the Motorola Photon Q 4G”

Can You Really Cancel Your Mobile Phone Contract Due to Lack of Signal

Owning a mobile phone in the UK is a challenge — there are so many providers, and that means that there are a lot of different choices to be had. You just need to make sure that you get the network that’s going to meet your needs and stay with that — unless something better comes along, of course!

Yet what if you end up where you constantly don’t get a signal? Wouldn’t that mean that your service is unusable? That could mean that you get a few more options than you might expect at first.

First and foremost, you need to know your rights. Under the current UK law, a mobile network doesn’t have to cancel a mobile contract due to bad network coverage. Yet there are stirrings that this could change — the Communications Consumer Panel has suggested to Ofcom that all mobile network providers do offer a 14 day cancellation period to protect customers. That should give you plenty of time to really see whether or not a network is going to work out for you.

You have to check with the network specifically that you’re on to see what your contract says. It is possible to get a cancellation without a penalty if you can prove that it’s hard to actually use the phone and service that you’ve paid for.

There is a cooling off period of 7 days if you ordered your contract online, by phone, or through the post. Yet you have to be cautious on getting phones from a store kiosk — your ability to cancel will depend on the specific store’s return and cancellation policy. If you are going to order your phone from the store, you should also make sure that you talk to the store representative carefully. You want to get their name and store ID so that if there are any questions, you can get it sorted out right away.

Some networks do include a guarantee of acceptable network coverage, which means that you can cancel the service if you find that you don’t have a good signal.

A rival provider could also offer to buy you out, which means that you wouldn’t be out any money at all. Many competing cell phone providers do this in order to get customers that normally wouldn’t switch due to the heft cancellation fee that would be involved.

At the end of the day, the truth is that it’s really a mixed bag — you might be able to get out of your contract, and you might not. It’s going to be up to you to look at the fine print involved and see what you want to do.

Keep in mind that some networks even let you pay your cancellation fee in pieces if it applies to you. So there wouldn’t be an expectation to actually pay it if you honestly couldn’t pay it all at once. It really can be a lot of money!

Ready For a New Phone – Check out the Samsung Droid Charge!

One thing about Android fans is that they’re always on the hunt for a new phone. Since the platform is so open, there’s really no shortage of Android phones to be had. Of course, it wasn’t always that way. Early on, Android phones were few and far between. Today the landscape has changed to include dozens of great phones that are just waiting for you to check them out.

One of the complaints some of our visitors had is that we don’t focus enough on Verizon-ready phones. We can definitely fix that — meet the Samsung Droid Charge. This is a phone that will make any Android fan happy, especially if they’re looking for a good switch.

Before we get started, we have to admit that this is not a super brand new phone, but that’s okay. It might be new to you. It might be a phone that could finally fulfill your needs. You won’t know until you check it out, and you won’t check it out until you get some more information. So, onward!

Samsung Droid Charge

We have to start with the display. The Droid Charge has a huge one. Display, we mean. 🙂 4.3 inches and you know it’s going to be a Super AMOLED Plus display. The colors pop, and there’s enough screen space to really look at all of those Facebook photos you’re not supposed to be looking at because you’re at work. Not that we’re going to tell on you. 🙂 For the techies among us, that’s a 800 x 480 display.

You might suddenly have flashbacks to the Thunderbolt, which also came out around the same time as the Droid Charge did. However, this is a little thinner than that phone.

For those that are looking for a phone with buttons, you’ll find them here on the Droid Charge. There’s four little navigation buttons and it might make some Samsung fans remember that old school phone they rocked at the start of the millennium. Retro has never looked so good.

If you’re worried about performance and battery life, don’t. The Charge isn’t a dual-core member, but there’s still a 1Ghz Hummingbird processor. You’re going to find some modestly good performance waiting for you.

As far as battery life goes, most early adopters found that they could go through nearly two days of normal use and not need to go back to the charger until late at night. This is a good sign — battery life in the normal sense is determined by how much you’re using GPS, Wi-Fi, and in the case of Verizon phones, LTE.

There are some downsides, and they’re mostly represented in the software side of things. The Charge comes with 2.2 Froyo — which is disappointing because we’ve already moved on so much in the Android world. Verizon is working on trying to get updates out a bit faster, but things are still hit or miss.

Touchscreen love is in full swing with the Charge. You can pinch items to zoom out, along with the usual dragging and shuffling.

Other early adopters dinged the phone because it comes with so many demo apps — not really what you want when it comes to a new phone. Still, we think that the features do speak for themselves. Custom widgets? Yes please.

Worried about camera abilities? No problem. The Charge is going to still come through for you. There’s an 8MP camera, which includes autofocus as standard.

There’s even a front facing camera that is 1.3 megapixels. So you don’t even have to try hard to get those self-portraits anymore!

Samsung thought ahead when it comes to their market, and there’s a lot of capacity to store all of your photos and videos. You can expand out to 32GB of space, which means that you won’t need to upgrade for a while if you’re the type that likes to hold onto phones.

Since this is an Android phone, you can bet that plenty of care has been put into the browsing experience. You will be able to view HTML5 as well as Flash websites with ease. There are built in apps for Facebook, MySpace, Picasa, and Twitter.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and email support are also standard. There’s no longer a need to worry about how you’ll maintain your digital file while you’re on the go.

Who is this phone for? Well, even though you might be thinking about a higher end phone, we really do think that the Charge is a good buy. While it might not get everything absolutely perfect — the way people expect their experience will be with the Galaxy S line — it still gets enough things right that we’re pretty happy with it. Why not check it out for yourself?

Why Android Phones Are Superior to iPhones

It’s no secret that the Apple iPhone has been dominating the mobile market and, more specifically, the smart phone market since its release a few years ago. Cell phone companies far and wide have tried without success to develop a device that could actually compete with the advanced features and capabilities of the incredible iPhone. Having maintained the position of the most demanded and state of the art mobile device in the world for long enough, Google has developed a mobile platform for smart phones that gives the iPhone a real run for its money.

A newer version of the iPhone is due to be released some time in the near future, though it’s impossible to say whether it will exceed the Android phone or not. Even if it does, that is not to say that Google will not come up with something even better as the Android OS matures and improves. Until then, the comparisons made here are between the current iPhone models and the current Android phones.

First off, the Google Android platform is based on a Linux operating system, meaning that users have access to the majority of the internal configuration of the system. While users might not understand at first why this is so beneficial, Android application developers are automatically exposed to many, many more options and opportunities than iPhone developers. This will result in more web apps and features for users.

Also, Android phones feature the fastest hardware speeds in mobile technology, HTML browser support, an extensive application marketplace, advanced navigational abilities through Google Maps, and one of the highest quality built in cameras ever invented for cell phones. Multi touch screen technology is also no longer exclusive to the iPhone as Android phones now offer the same touch features, perhaps even better.

Finally, another great aspect of the Google Android platform is that it’s not exclusive to one type of cell phone such as the G1, which was the first Android model ever released and was made by Google. Those who are looking for a worthy alternative to the iPhone actually have several different types of Android phones to choose from. Different manufacturers such as HTC, LG, and Motorola integrate different kinds of features and functions in to their phones so every Android phone is actually unique in its own way and therefore serves a much wider range of needs and preferences than the iPhone.

Android Phones: A Perfect Treat for Mobile Gamers

Mobile gaming is becoming just as popular as social networking, texting, and tweeting. The great thing about the Android software is that it caters to the gaming fanatics everywhere. Let’s take a look and see what some of the best word/puzzle games are available on Android smart phones. Whether waiting in line at the airport, a concert, or anywhere for that matter, you can occupy your time with mind teasers and puzzle games.

Trivial Pursuit – New game play and updated questions keep this game as fresh as it has always been, and now it can be played live on a network of other people playing against you. While supporting new game modes it also offers classic game modes as well and gives you the option to play against the computer or up to four other people in a live game.

365 Puzzle Club
– These number puzzles offer you a different puzzle every day of the year and gives you three different game modes to choose from: Calendar mode gives you the new puzzle every day, Seasonal mode is a gradual progression of multiple puzzle types, and Quick play mode allows you to play pick up games like Sudoku, Tempenki, and Kakuro.

Tropical Sudoku – If you are a Sudoku fan then this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Four difficulty levels and a large variety of boards to choose from make it fresh and fun for countless times playing. It even has a built in scratch pencil to help make notations for later. It has save features as well as a relaxing tropical theme.

Movie Quiz – You have played this game in the bars and now you can play right on your phone. There is a built in link to the game that ranks your answers on IMDB against other players to see how well you match up with thousands of questions related to movie trivia.

WordSearch – This very appealing and age-old classic is great for players of all ages. The app will come with 16 different themes and a variety of categories. There are so many puzzle games in this app it will keep you busy for countless hours. You will also never need to purchase the little books at the bookstore or grocery store anymore.

Getting the Most out of Your SD Card on an Android Phone

When you first get an Android phone, it can be hard to stop and think about all of the different things that you will need for your phone. However, there’s one accessory that you need to order right with your phone if you can help it: an SD card. An SD card is an example of expandable memory, and you need expandable memory to really make your phone come alive. It might feel like there’s no real way to really get the most out of your phone, but the truth of the matter is that you can actually get a lot done simply by having your phone and a memory card.

One of the biggest uses for memory cards is to store your photos and videos. Video actually takes up a lot of room, so it’s important to make sure that you have enough space to begin with. The nice part about Android phones is that generally speaking, the phones have capacity for a lot of external storage. Some phones even accept a 32GB expandable memory card — which is very massive when you really think about it!

The best place to go for memory cards is still the Internet. Sales go on all the time and you will be able to pick up a set of cards that will serve your phone well for many years to come. Some people like to pick up memory cards in sets so that they will always be able to swap between work and pleasure, or for different facets of their lives. If you wanted to make sure that you have a card to capture all the moments with your child on the go, you can get a card for that. On the other hand, you might want to get a card to cover all of the different things you need to keep track of for business. A lot of small business owners are turning to the Android platform because it’s cost effective technology to capture events, parties, and other appearances where your business needs to take center stage.

However, that doesn’t cover the question that you ultimately want to know: just how do you make the most out of your memory card? Continue reading “Getting the Most out of Your SD Card on an Android Phone”