Key Android Utilities That You Might Have Missed

Android is driven by apps. Drowning in apps. More apps than your phone has room for. OK, we’re being a little over the top but the fact remains that this is all about collecting as many apps as possible to make your phone work better.

We’ve covered Android apps in other places, but one area that gets skipped over is the wide range of Utilities that you might want to check out. We’ll cover a few that you might not have heard of.

1. AppGarden Lite

AppGarden only looks outdated — it’s really a feature packed app that has plenty for you to check out. You have conversion charts, a barcode scanner, and even a password generator. You can bookmark app of your favorite apps for faster access. What more could you want out of a free app?

2. aDownloader

This app gives you the power to look at all of your torrents and download more if that’s what you want. Your SD card game better be tight, as those downloads do add up! While there are other BitTorrent clients out there, this is one that actually gets the job done. Definitely worth the download, and very much free.

3. Auto Memory Manager

Worried about running out of memory right when you’re in the middle of everything else? You need to check out Auto Memory Manager. This is an app that lets you cut the fat when your phone starts slowing you down. Setting memory priority on apps? Very cool stuff.

4. Beautiful Widgets

This app is $2.89, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about making your phone stand out from all of the rest. You need to definitely look at getting this when you want your phone to have a little extra something-something. You get to customize the home screen with weather reports, clocks, battery status and more. Surely $3 is worth the chance to add more functionality, right?

5. History Eraser Pro

This is a free app, and man it comes in handy. This allows you to delete stuff off your phone. It covers a lot more data than you might be aware of. For example, it also takes care of text messages and cached files. Once they’re gone, they’re definitely gone.

Overall, this is just a handful of helpful utilities to make enjoying your phone even better. Unless otherwise stated, these apps are free so you should check them out in the Google Play Store. Good luck!