Don’t have your card? Put It on the Phone Bill

We’ve all been there – ready to play our favourite slot games when we realise our purse or wallet is not where we left it. A fruitless hunt later and not only are you now dealing with a missing purse, you can’t even take your chances with a few spins of your favourite slot. What if we told you of an amazing way you could make a deposit at a casino? Hassle free, card free, and all you need is your mobile phone. Keep reading to find out all about Pay by Phone.

Can I Really Pay by Phone?

Yes, you can! Using your mobile phone to pay for your deposits is one of the easiest and quickest deposit methods available at an online casino. Unfortunately, however, some casinos are yet to adopt this new payment method so keep your eyes peeled to see if your favourite does!

It is easy to set up and super secure to use. The only thing you are handing over to the casino is your mobile number. Therefore, if you are careful about who or what you give financial details like card numbers to, this could be just the solution you need!

How Does It Work?

As we said, it could not be easier to set up. All you need is your favourite casino open, your mobile at your side, and the amount you would like to deposit in your head. Then, you open the deposit cashier of the casino and get started!

Enter the amount you would like to deposit and submit it along with your phone number. In a flash, you will get a text from the casino with a short confirmation code. Enter this code into the casino and the money will be safely deposited in your account! The bill gets added to your phone bill; just pay it off when the bill is due! That is really all you have to do for Pay by Phone, why not try out a site that accepts that payment method here. It is super convenient and allows everyone to still enjoy their favourite games even if they cannot find their debit cards or cannot remember their PayPal passwords.

What Can I Use the Deposit For?

First time? Congratulations, you have no doubt grabbed yourself an amazing first deposit bonus. This might give you some bonus cash to play with or even some free spins to try on an amazing game! You can then use the rest of your deposit on any of the games in the casino, subject of course to their terms and conditions.

Are you a slot savant? There is literally a game for everyone. Whether you are following the leprechauns in Rainbow Riches or grabbing sticky re-spins in Starburst, there will be a game to appeal to you. Perhaps you might also like a go at table games? Lay down some poker hands or chase after that blackjack. The world is your oyster at a casino, and the door can open to you all because of your mobile! Don’t delay, try pay by mobile at your favourite casino now! It might become your new preferred way of making deposits.