Methods of backing up and recovering database data

There are many reasons why your computer may suddenly lose its data, including some of the following: hardware fails, virus, incorrect keystrokes (UPDATE, DELETE), software bug, disaster (fire or flood). You’ll want to have a strategy for recovering database data if you are concerned that you might lose your data one day. One thing you can do, that’s easy to make happen, is a full database backup.

For a full database backup, you would back up your data once a day, say, or after you turn your computer’s apps off at night. You can easily restore your computer data’s to the time when the last backup occurred, if you need to. Many formats and applications do this automatically. A full database backup is an excellent idea, and it backs up all information needed to restore your computer, including Meta information. If you need to restore your computer, it will go back to the time of the last backup.

Differential backups are something new. If you need to restore your computer before you back up your data, you are at a loss, and you lose a whole day’s work if you are backing up your computer at night alone. You can also perform database backups more frequently, if you need to. One option, the differential backup, allows you to restore the last full backup and then use just the differential backup you last performed.

recovering database data

Hiring a data recovery and computer repair specialist

Locally you can find many computer repair professionals who may have advanced hardware for database data recovery and can certainly give you the best advise on recovering your data. There are some kind experts who will even give you a free consultation, as did our local data recovery specialist in Bristol. He was able to figure out the best plan going forward and provide us with the information on how to manually back our database up.

Manual database backup

You can perform a differential backup by typing in, for example:

USE master;
BACKUP DATABASE [name of database]
TO DISK= ‘[path of database]’

If you’re interested in a transaction log backup, that is an option also. This gives you a backup of every single event that has posted in a database, and it is possible to recover your database to any state you need to. You can actually recover the database to any point in time that you want to. And even if the files are destroyed, you can still perform a backup to any point in time you need to.

One option is to use both transaction and differential backups. This is a smart way to recover your data. You can first restore to the last full backup, then the last differential backup, then all the other transaction log backups that have occurred since then. These are just some ways, but if you are keen on making sure to save your data, you’ll want to consider what works best for you.


Data Recovery for Smartphones: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Data recovery represents one of the most in-demand services for consumers, which becomes even more apparent as the number of mobile devices and their importance increases.

The demand for recovering data on mobile devices has increased dramatically. Knoll Ontrack reports that this demand rose from 2.7 percent in 2009 to 7.9 percent in 2013. This demand is expected to continue raising as smart phones and tablets become more integral in the lives of people. Adrian Jean at Evolution Business Data Recovery recently told us at a Bath networking event that more than 25% of his business comes from smartphone data recovery which is up from 5% the previous year.

If you are one of the millions of consumers with a mobile device that stores data, then it’s important that you understand the process of mobile data recovery.


What is Mobile Data Recovery?

Mobile data recovery differs from traditional data recovery in the fact that mobile data is typically stored in a flash memory module. This module is a small chip or series of chips that uses no moving parts to store data.

When data becomes inaccessible, which can happen from complete device failure or deletion due to malicious software, users typically desire to recover it. Success will depend upon the state of the device and the complexity of recovering the data.

How is Mobile Data Recovered?

The most common way to recover mobile data is to connect the mobile device to a computer. Software can access the software at a developer level, which in turn allows for data that has been deleted to be recovered.

In the event that the device does not work, then the recovery specialist will have to take different steps.

One option to recover data is to repair the device. Problems with the screen or touch pad, such as cracks or complete breaks, generally do not affect the success of data recovery. Problems with the system board and other components will, which represent the types of repairs that may be needed.

Another option is to remove the flash memory chip from the system board. Most iOS hardware utilizes similar memory setups, which means that most flash memory can be desoldered and read by a separate device with a high success rate, this is certianly the case with apple data recovery over other hardware and devices.

If the memory chip itself has faults, then complete data recovery may be impossible. Some data may be permanently inaccessible. Given the way flash memory chips work, it is typically possible to recover a large percentage of data that would be lost if all data cannot be recovered.

The Importance of Using a Specialist

The last point to understand about mobile data recovery is that a data recovery specialist will always give the best odds for successfully recovering your data.

While home recovery solutions exist, these are limited in the scope of their versatility. Accessing a compromised device with this software could lead to permanent data loss, and an inability to recover data.

A specialist will be able to recognize the best technique for recovering data in a given situation, which in turn gives the best chance for complete data recovery with mobile devices.


Keeping Your Android Phone As Secure as Possible

Our phones are becoming increasingly important — anyone can see that. If you’re really serious about keeping your Android phone close to you at all times, then you need to focus on security. Ultimately, you can look at security with your Android phone from tow different viewpoints: data security and physical security. You want to make sure that no one takes your physical phone, and you also want to make sure that no one messes with your data. Computer security from a mobile perspective can be tricky, but it isn’t impossible.

One of the first things that you want to make sure that you’re doing when you’re trying to keep your Android phone safe is to actually look at your apps list. When we hear about a new app, our first reaction is to download the app and install it without really thinking about the control it will have over our phone. Android apps have a tendency to roam the system more than other types of apps or other types of phones. This can be a blessing or a curse, but the truth is that you don’t have to have every app running wild on your system. You will need to look at the permissions that you allow the application to run. For example, if you know that an app has no business accessing your contacts list, and then you will want to make sure that you deny that app that privilege — it’s really that simple.

Along these same lines is that fact that you really need to only download apps from a trusted source. The Android market is just one source, but it’s a trusted one. If there’s a bad app in there, it won’t last for long — there’s just too many people looking over the list of apps there with a fine-tooth comb. Continue reading “Keeping Your Android Phone As Secure as Possible”

Moving from the iPhone to the Android World in Style

If you’re looking to change away form your Apple iPhone, you really can’t go anywhere without reading about happy users on the Android phone platform. So if you’ve got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, you can go out and get an Android phone without too much hassle — when prepaid providers are rocking the Android platform, you already know that picking up a phone isn’t going to be a real big deal.

However, there are plenty of guides on that. You will also need to think about how to truly transition from your iLife to your Android life. When Android first came out, this was really a pain. However, the power of open source means that nothing is ever truly painful for very long. If you’ve got a shiny new Android phone in your hand and your old iPhone close by, let’s see what we can do about getting your phone rocking and rolling.

First and foremost, you will need to make sure that you have your contacts. Now, if you have iTunes, this is a snap. You just need to sync your contacts with Google, and then have them float over to your Android phone. This is something that’s actually not hard, and you can usually walk through the synchronization process without too much trouble.

Yet enjoying your Android phone is more than just contacts — there are other things that you will need to do as well.

One of the first things that you will need to do is make sure that you have your phone secured. This means setting a password and also installing apps that can control who has access to your phone. Continue reading “Moving from the iPhone to the Android World in Style”

Why Yes, Business Owners Can Use the Android Phone!

Running a business? Here’s some good news; you’re definitely in good company. A lot of people are deciding to take life into their own hands and run their own business, but they don’t always realize how much work goes into staying organized. When you feel like you’re always on the go, you need an assistant that can keep up with you and grow as your business does.

You might think that that means that you will need to hire an assistant, which could be something that’s just out of your business’s budget at the moment. Here’s the next best thing: an Android phone? What’s that? You thought that only a BlackBerry could keep up with your business needs? You’re in for a good surprise: the Android can do just about everything the Blackberry can do…and more.

Let’s stop and look at the common BlackBerry phone, shall we? The BlackBerry line is proprietary — Research and Motion owns the platform, which means that they control the code. There is an applications market, but it’s filled with applications that are source code protected as well. There aren’t that many developers that are willing to reveal the code for their applications, which means that the community at large cannot fix them and make them better. This in turn means that you don’t get as much choice, and you certainly don’t get as much freedom.

Now, let’s swing to your common Android phone. For starters, the phones are designed to be customizable with software. You can sit down and write code for the platform, if you knew the principles of mobile application development. The applications available for the Android phone are designed to do jut about anything that you really want to do with them. What will you create on the platform? Well, that’s up to you. Continue reading “Why Yes, Business Owners Can Use the Android Phone!”

Android Phones: A Perfect Treat for Mobile Gamers

Mobile gaming is becoming just as popular as social networking, texting, and tweeting. The great thing about the Android software is that it caters to the gaming fanatics everywhere. Let’s take a look and see what some of the best word/puzzle games are available on Android smart phones. Whether waiting in line at the airport, a concert, or anywhere for that matter, you can occupy your time with mind teasers and puzzle games.

Trivial Pursuit – New game play and updated questions keep this game as fresh as it has always been, and now it can be played live on a network of other people playing against you. While supporting new game modes it also offers classic game modes as well and gives you the option to play against the computer or up to four other people in a live game.

365 Puzzle Club
– These number puzzles offer you a different puzzle every day of the year and gives you three different game modes to choose from: Calendar mode gives you the new puzzle every day, Seasonal mode is a gradual progression of multiple puzzle types, and Quick play mode allows you to play pick up games like Sudoku, Tempenki, and Kakuro.

Tropical Sudoku – If you are a Sudoku fan then this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Four difficulty levels and a large variety of boards to choose from make it fresh and fun for countless times playing. It even has a built in scratch pencil to help make notations for later. It has save features as well as a relaxing tropical theme.

Movie Quiz – You have played this game in the bars and now you can play right on your phone. There is a built in link to the game that ranks your answers on IMDB against other players to see how well you match up with thousands of questions related to movie trivia.

WordSearch – This very appealing and age-old classic is great for players of all ages. The app will come with 16 different themes and a variety of categories. There are so many puzzle games in this app it will keep you busy for countless hours. You will also never need to purchase the little books at the bookstore or grocery store anymore.

Getting the Most out of Your SD Card on an Android Phone

When you first get an Android phone, it can be hard to stop and think about all of the different things that you will need for your phone. However, there’s one accessory that you need to order right with your phone if you can help it: an SD card. An SD card is an example of expandable memory, and you need expandable memory to really make your phone come alive. It might feel like there’s no real way to really get the most out of your phone, but the truth of the matter is that you can actually get a lot done simply by having your phone and a memory card.

One of the biggest uses for memory cards is to store your photos and videos. Video actually takes up a lot of room, so it’s important to make sure that you have enough space to begin with. The nice part about Android phones is that generally speaking, the phones have capacity for a lot of external storage. Some phones even accept a 32GB expandable memory card — which is very massive when you really think about it!

The best place to go for memory cards is still the Internet. Sales go on all the time and you will be able to pick up a set of cards that will serve your phone well for many years to come. Some people like to pick up memory cards in sets so that they will always be able to swap between work and pleasure, or for different facets of their lives. If you wanted to make sure that you have a card to capture all the moments with your child on the go, you can get a card for that. On the other hand, you might want to get a card to cover all of the different things you need to keep track of for business. A lot of small business owners are turning to the Android platform because it’s cost effective technology to capture events, parties, and other appearances where your business needs to take center stage.

However, that doesn’t cover the question that you ultimately want to know: just how do you make the most out of your memory card? Continue reading “Getting the Most out of Your SD Card on an Android Phone”

Android phones and the Casino

Online casino is adapting impressively to the rise of the mobile device through the development of both mobile casino websites and the increase in top quality casino games for mobile phones. Although there are casino games available for mobile devices powered by any of the main operating systems there is little question that the phones carrying the Android OS are the main market being targeted – both by the casino companies and the games developers. This is because Android offers cutting edge technology alongside the fact that it is also the most popular and widely used operating system. However, not all of the many casino games being aimed at users of Android phones are of the same standard.

When it comes to determining why an online casino game is either one of the best or one of the worst the single biggest factor is likely to be whether the game offers decent odds of winning or not. After all although factors that contribute to the overall gaming experience (such as ease of download and quality of graphics) are undoubtedly important to casino gamers most of the serious ones will put up with these not being the best if the game offers decent odds. This is not intended as a criticism of casino gamers simply recognition of the fact that, as important as the overall experience is, ultimately people gamble with the aim of trying to win.

Therefore the most popular games for most players are likely to be the ones where they have a chance of being able to beat the odds and come out on top – such as blackjack and the majority of the slot games available – and this is why these are the games that the majority of online casino players flock to whether they are playing on an Android device or not.

So Many Choices – Which Android Phone is Right for You?

It’s been covered before, but it deserves a second look: after all, picking a cell phone really is hard. If you’ve already decided on the Android platform from reading the other article on the topic, then you may be looking for more information about what Android phones are available to you.

The first phone to take a look at is the Motorola Droid X. The Droid has been called the classic Android phone, and there are a few reasons for that. Even though it hasn’t been as hyped up as the launch of the EVO 4G from Sprint or the HTC Incredible, the Droid X definitely brings some interesting features to the table. For starters, the phone has been called a “walking camcorder” because you can record video in crisp HD quality. It goes without saying that still images aren’t a problem either. The screen is pretty massive at 4.3 inches, giving you the ability to really watch all your favorite TV shows and even a few movies no matter where you decide to go.

Since we’re talking Android, you have access to plenty of applications in the Android Market, where all Android apps live until they make their way onto your phone.

It’s a Verizon phone though, so you’ll be on Verizon’s network if you go with the Droid X.

For those on AT&T, you have some choices aside from settling for the Apple iPhone. On the Android side, there’s the Samsung Captivate, a phone that’s devoted to giving you the best features of the Android line without too many downsides. The Captivate has a 4 inch screen, which is noticeably less than the Droid X on Verizon, but it’s still pretty big. The screen is richly lit thanks to the Super AMOLED display. The processor is very fast at 1 GHz flat, and you’ll definitely need as much processor as you can get — there is 720p HD video capture to be had in this phone, which is definitely processor intensive. There is a 5 megapixel camera, which isn’t as nice as what you would find on the Sprint EVO 4G, but it’s still a nice camera.

Overall, the right Android phone is the one that matches up with the career that you already have. If you’re locked into a contract with the company, you may want to stick with the phones offered there. However, if you can move around, then you’re free to pursue any deal that looks extra tempting to you.

Want Cheap Mobile Phones? Put Android On Your List!

Trying to save money on mobile phones? Trying to get the latest technology? For most people, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. However, it can be difficult to get an inexpensive mobile phone that’s actually part of the new generation of flexible smartphones. However, the good news is that the times are definitely changing. It’s quite possible to find plenty of great mobile phones out there, as long as you’re willing to get creative and leave a lot of the traditional behind you.

Ready to really join the revolution? Then you will definitely want to put the Android series of phones at the top of your list. The reason why these phones should be at the top of your list is actually quite straightforward. First and foremost, this series of phones includes the latest technology. This ultimately means that instead of buying a cheap phone that is already obsolete by the time you pull it out of the box, you’ll be right on the cusp of the best available technology.

Smartphones have gotten an upgrade thanks to Android’s unique technological footprint. The phone is designed with open standards in mind, which means that development for the Android platform moves faster than any other platform on the market. Even the platforms launched by the major companies can’t seem to keep up with Android right now.

Is an Android phone right for you? Well, it’s all about what you’re looking for. When you’re trying to achieve the right balance between great technology and a great price, you should look into Android phones that focus more on the Smartphone element than the basic phone element. While it’s true that not everyone will use a smartphone right away, you’ll have so much functionality in Android that you can easily modify the phone to adapt to your needs.

If you’re really ready to embrace the new Android revolution, you might wonder just how you actually get a great deal of one of these mobiles. The best approach that you can take is to look at what type of discounts that you qualify for. For example, if you’re a new customer to a network, you can pick up a great phone from the Android line at a fantastic price. However, even if you’re a current customer on a network, you may qualify for discounts based on how long you’ve been with that particular company.

Overall, cheap mobile phones can be found — check out the Android series of phones for the best deals in the industry to date!