Can You Really Cancel Your Mobile Phone Contract Due to Lack of Signal

Owning a mobile phone in the UK is a challenge — there are so many providers, and that means that there are a lot of different choices to be had. You just need to make sure that you get the network that’s going to meet your needs and stay with that — unless something better comes along, of course!

Yet what if you end up where you constantly don’t get a signal? Wouldn’t that mean that your service is unusable? That could mean that you get a few more options than you might expect at first.

First and foremost, you need to know your rights. Under the current UK law, a mobile network doesn’t have to cancel a mobile contract due to bad network coverage. Yet there are stirrings that this could change — the Communications Consumer Panel has suggested to Ofcom that all mobile network providers do offer a 14 day cancellation period to protect customers. That should give you plenty of time to really see whether or not a network is going to work out for you.

You have to check with the network specifically that you’re on to see what your contract says. It is possible to get a cancellation without a penalty if you can prove that it’s hard to actually use the phone and service that you’ve paid for.

There is a cooling off period of 7 days if you ordered your contract online, by phone, or through the post. Yet you have to be cautious on getting phones from a store kiosk — your ability to cancel will depend on the specific store’s return and cancellation policy. If you are going to order your phone from the store, you should also make sure that you talk to the store representative carefully. You want to get their name and store ID so that if there are any questions, you can get it sorted out right away.

Some networks do include a guarantee of acceptable network coverage, which means that you can cancel the service if you find that you don’t have a good signal.

A rival provider could also offer to buy you out, which means that you wouldn’t be out any money at all. Many competing cell phone providers do this in order to get customers that normally wouldn’t switch due to the heft cancellation fee that would be involved.

At the end of the day, the truth is that it’s really a mixed bag — you might be able to get out of your contract, and you might not. It’s going to be up to you to look at the fine print involved and see what you want to do.

Keep in mind that some networks even let you pay your cancellation fee in pieces if it applies to you. So there wouldn’t be an expectation to actually pay it if you honestly couldn’t pay it all at once. It really can be a lot of money!

Why Android Phones Are Superior to iPhones

It’s no secret that the Apple iPhone has been dominating the mobile market and, more specifically, the smart phone market since its release a few years ago. Cell phone companies far and wide have tried without success to develop a device that could actually compete with the advanced features and capabilities of the incredible iPhone. Having maintained the position of the most demanded and state of the art mobile device in the world for long enough, Google has developed a mobile platform for smart phones that gives the iPhone a real run for its money.

A newer version of the iPhone is due to be released some time in the near future, though it’s impossible to say whether it will exceed the Android phone or not. Even if it does, that is not to say that Google will not come up with something even better as the Android OS matures and improves. Until then, the comparisons made here are between the current iPhone models and the current Android phones.

First off, the Google Android platform is based on a Linux operating system, meaning that users have access to the majority of the internal configuration of the system. While users might not understand at first why this is so beneficial, Android application developers are automatically exposed to many, many more options and opportunities than iPhone developers. This will result in more web apps and features for users.

Also, Android phones feature the fastest hardware speeds in mobile technology, HTML browser support, an extensive application marketplace, advanced navigational abilities through Google Maps, and one of the highest quality built in cameras ever invented for cell phones. Multi touch screen technology is also no longer exclusive to the iPhone as Android phones now offer the same touch features, perhaps even better.

Finally, another great aspect of the Google Android platform is that it’s not exclusive to one type of cell phone such as the G1, which was the first Android model ever released and was made by Google. Those who are looking for a worthy alternative to the iPhone actually have several different types of Android phones to choose from. Different manufacturers such as HTC, LG, and Motorola integrate different kinds of features and functions in to their phones so every Android phone is actually unique in its own way and therefore serves a much wider range of needs and preferences than the iPhone.

Features that you will Love on the Android Phone

There has been a lot of excitement in the world of mobile phones, for the past couple of years. Ever since Apple revolutionized the industry with the iPhone, people have decided that they wanted to move up and have a smart phone as part of their electronic arsenal. Google decided to answer the call, and released the Android operating system.

The Android operating system was built so that several different phone manufacturers could have an already functional operating system on their manufactured smart phones. This OS would have the modern features that are expected in an operating system these days. So now each manufacturer would only have to worry about the hardware, and Google would worry about the rest. Now that the OS is on the 2.0 version, we are seeing a lot of features that have really made the Android phone one to have. We will go over a couple of features that really make the Andorid phone special.

The first feature that we will go over is the GPS set up of the phone. Sure, most phones have a GPS feature, but Google’s integrates very well with the already popular Google Maps. Since they own the mapping software, they are able to do things with it that other vendors could not. It may be a similar feature to all of the other phones out there, but the Android does the feature a lot better than everyone else. If you want to make sure that you can find your way around somewhere you want to visit, then an android phone is one of the best phones that you could have to accomplish this with.

Another feature that the Android has that everyone loves, is the tethering set up of the phones available if you use a third party app. The iPhone does not let you tether the phone unless you jailbreak it. The Android allows you to take advantage of this feature with the availability of a third party application. If you do not know what tethering is, we will give you a quick explanation. It is when you hook up an external device such as a laptop to your phone so that the external device can access the internet. This is great when you are mobile and you can not get to any LAN points. The iPhone creators have been saying that the feature was coming soon but they never delivered. Google has.

The last feature that we will talk about on the Android phone is the use of multiple applications at the same time. When you are on the iPhone, you can only use one application at a time. With an Android based phone, you can use several applications at the same time. Just like a normal computer. This is great when you are in the middle of using an application, and you want to take a peek at another one, you do not have to turn the first one off.

As you see, the Android is filled with features that you will grow to love.

Tether with Your Android Phone – Why Yes, You Can!

Tethering your Android phone means that you have options — that’s the short truth. If you have always marveled at how your friends always seem to get Internet no matter where they go, tethering is really the answer behind that.

Don’t get caught out in the cold because you don’t know how to do it. The spirit of owning an Android phone is that you will always be able to get Internet — even when Wi-Fi just ain’t the order of the day.

This guide covers some basic methods of getting things done — and each method ranges in terms of skill and ability required on your part. For people that would rather pay for an off the shelf solution, there are plenty out there to choose from. However, if you’re really all about hacking and tweaking your phone to perform new tricks, then you will definitely find methods in here that will help you do that.

First method of the day: Heavy Configuration with Android Apps

Got root? If you’re thinking about using an app to enable tethering abilities on your Android phone, you will need to make sure that you can get root access. This is something that can be kind of tricky if you’re not used to messing with your phone, and you can end up turning your phone into a brick. Is this fixable? In some cases, you can get a more technical person to unbrick your phone with a firmware downgrade, but this isn’t guaranteed either.

The app that a lot of Android hackers turn to still is the Android Wi-Fi Tether app . It’s an app that can definitely help you get things done, but it needs configuration in order to be useful. The problem first starts with needing to unlock the phone’s bootloader, changing the recovery image, and then upgrading the firmware on the phone itself. This is a lot just to get tethering, so you won’t hurt our feelings if you want a more straightforward solution. The best benefit to the first method is that it’s free, which can help if you’re trying to explore the power of your phone on a tight budget. Continue reading “Tether with Your Android Phone – Why Yes, You Can!”

So many Android phones, how can I pick one?

One of the best things about life is the choices that we are allowed to make. When you are growing up, you usually make a decision on what kind of activities you are going to pursue in your spare time. Are you going to play sports or are you going to join the chess club? And even when you make that decision, you will still find more decisions underneath such as which sport, football or basketball. The same principle goes for when it comes to picking out the cell phone you are going to want to use for at least the next two years. After you make the decision of which brand you are going to go with, for example iPhone or an Android based phone, that is still only the beginning of your decision making process.

Well not necessarily. If you decide to go with the iPhone, then your decision is already made for you. Only one company makes an iPhone and only one service provider has service for it. So all of the decisions that you may have wanted to make are totally out of your hands. With an Android based phone, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do you have to pick the manufacturer of the phone, but you also get to pick the type of phone that you want to use. You even get to pick your own service provider. In this way, you can pick the phone that is right for you instead of the other way around.

Now, after you have seen all of the options that are available to you, you have to decide which one you are going to go with. If you are a person that is obesessed with the latest in phone gadget technology, then you want to make sure that you go with the big boys in the Android line up. These are the Nexus One and the Droid. These phones are tailored made for people who care about performance and getting all that they can out of the phone.

If you are a person that doesn’t care that much about the extra things that the phone does and you just want it for talking and maybe texting purposes, then you should pick a version on the lower end of the feature spectrum. There are plenty of phones on that end and they come in at a lower price point as well. There is no need to pay premium price if you are not going to get premium use out of the phone. That is just not an option with the iPhone.

There are other ways that you might want to make your decision as well. You might decide which phone you want by the size of the screen that it has. The best Android phones on the market have the biggest screens but for some people, they might be too big. You might decide that you need something that fits your hand a little better. An android phones comes in many different form factors, so there are plenty to pick from.

There are a lot of Android phones to choose from, make sure that you pick wisely.